A message from the Club's President

Presidents Message

Dear Plant City Garden Club members and the Greater Plant City area. I have been a member of the garden club since 2013 after I completed the Basic 6 Floral Design Class.  I have never looked at Horticulture the same way after working with flowers and learning from some of the top designers in our state.  I am so thankful to be a part of this non-profit organization that cares about our environment and contributes to the lives from junior gardeners to the Community Care Center Residents.

I am so excited for our Clubs program this year.  We will learn how to construct a topiary, Dart Container Corporation will teach us about foam recycling, a Master Gardener from the UF IFAS Extension office will speak on Horticulture, the President of the Florida Flower Show Judges will teach a design class and speakers on Native and Exotic plants.  Our Events are the Annual Garden Fest at McCall Park, our Flower Show at the Historic 1914 High School building along with Pioneer Day, Holiday Fun with Flowers Event and our Horticulture Show at the Florida Strawberry Festival.

Every year I’m in the Garden Club is an Honor and this year is certainly a high point as a “clubber” for me.  Our first male FFGC President is Al Latina who went to Plant City High School in the Historic 1914 Building. His theme is “Diversity in the Garden”.  I’m hoping to grow our membership this year, to further the education of members and the public and to promote PCGC online with our website plantcitygardenclub.org & Facebook.

My theme is Herbs for gardening and cooking.  Gardeners, professional chefs and mixologists are exploring ancient recipes featuring flowers in food and beverages.  So many diverse flavors from sweet, salty, spicy, buttery and nutty.  If you are thinking about joining our organization just pick up a registration form online or at one of our community events. We will be happy to have you!

Sally Murphy, PCGC President

President Plant City Garden Club