2013 Flower Show Winner!

Here are the Winners for the 2013 Plant City Flower Show. Congratuations to everyone!

Floral Design

  1. Novice Award: Laurie Pettitt
  2. Tri Color Award: Jan Griffin
  3. Designer’s Choice award: Phyllis Lawson
  4. Table Artistry: Christy Linke
  5. Design Excellence:  Jan Griffin

People’s Choice Award for Design: Jan Griffin

Educational Award: Lisa Firm


  1. Grower’s Choice: Liz Miller
  2. Grower’s Choice: Jan Griffin

There were 5 Award of Merits:  

  1. Darcy Stottlemyer
  2. Bess Tredwell
  3. Mikie Snyder
  4. Loretta Scott
  5. and Jim Tredwell
  • Arboreal Blooming: Mikie Snyder
  • Arboreal Non Blooming: Kathryn Bowers
  • Collector’s Showcase and Horticulture Excellence:  Jan Griffin

Image Gallery

2013-flower-show 2013-flower-show-32013-flower-show-2

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